Wayfinder/Store Locator

Wayfinder is a Video Direction Link that sits in the Location Map/Contact Us html page of a Business website. When a user clicks on this link, he gets a pop-up wherein he can enter his start address and get video directions from his place all the way to the Business (i.e College/School/Resort/Restaurant etc.).

Some of our customer links -


e-Visit is extremely useful product for Real Estate developers wanting to better describe their project location. Any real estate buyer’s major concern is location-- what schools are nearby, how is the approach road, where is the nearest hospital, bus stop, grocery store etc. Our e–Visit product precisely addresses these concerns using VideoMapTM.

Convert your customer enquiries into real business transactions


This tool is meant for the transportation department within a Corporate. This state-of-the-art tool automates the complete process of scheduling employees to various cabs based on certain user constraints. It works on geo-coded employee data and generates video routes for a given day and shift on the click of button. It also provides support for Rostering, MIS Reports and Billing. On whole, it provides an end-to-end solution for the transportation department.